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ComplexGlobal specialise in helping people outside their comfort zone. 

Specialists in high risk; we help you operate anywhere globally. Through intelligence and insight, we help you understand new places and situations to operate safely and effectively. Through our experts and vast network, we run projects, operations and logistics anywhere remaining secure and informed. When crisis and threats occur, we keep you safe and help you recover.

We advise and consult in supporting organisations, projects, governments & individuals to deliver on their goals.
e manage risk and help our clients understand their surroundings no matter where they may be across the globe.

We solve problems, 
support projects & manage risk for...

Events, Festivals, Arts & Entertainment
Humanitarian Aid Organisations & NGOs
Business, Government & Individuals
Travel, Tourism & Adventure
Media, Journalism & Broadcast

Managing Successful Projects

We provide project, logistics, technical & operational management services, including experts & personnel, process & procedure, resourcing & procurement as well as audits, reviews and on the ground assistance and advisory services. From staff engagement to turnkey solutions, we're here to ensure the success of your project from start to finish.

Operating in Foreign Environments

Success comes when you take the right risks. We help you assess safety and security. We help you understand, mitigate & control your risk in whatever country you want to work in and ensure a safe and secure project. We help you operate in new environments - understanding everything from culture to currency, restaurants to road safety. Local everywhere, nowhere is foreign to us.

Fostering Growth & Opportunity

Through our research and intelligence team – we help you work through whatever challenges you’re facing as an organisation through a host of different options. With our global team of researchers, analysts, consultants and strategic planners, we provide turn-key solutions to help you maximise possibility and seize every opportunity.

Resolving Incidents & Crisis Response

Resolving critical issues and crises is a core part of ComplexGlobal’s identity. ComplexGlobal supports our clients who fall victim to security issues, kidnap, terrorism and critical incidents or need assistance to better secure their organisation or their project. We do this through providing effective and market leading training, planning and response solutions.

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Who We Are

We're here to manage projects, intelligence & risk; to solve problems no matter where they may be across the globe. No matter how big or small. We specialise in helping people work outside their comfort zones and helping people understand the world around them

What We Do

Specialists in the unknown, we solve your problems big or small by managing risk, operations, logistics, travel or people

Global Bureaux

Nowhere is too foreign or too remote for us. Explore our Global Bureaux across five continents.

Thinking & Insight

InsightGlobal: Another way for you to interact with us and benefit from our global exposure and expert insight.

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