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Nowhere is too remote or too foreign.

ComplexGlobal has a suite of international services designed to compliment our other offerings. The international services can alternatively be used as a standalone to assist you in working anywhere globally. Nowhere is too remote or too foreign. We can deal with air, sea, rail and road travel, international freight, carnet and duty services, insurance, visas, travel permits and immigration requirements. 

Our international services team are constantly up to date with an ever-shifting bureaucratic landscape and make sure you meet the requirements to go where you need to go. Our support extends to both online information and intelligence support as well as in-country personnel. Our extensive network of fixers and local partners mean you're at home everywhere.

Freight, Logistics & Insurance

 We know how to deal with freight, logistics, ground transport, insurance and local equipment requirements. We help you operate overseas with the help of our global partners ensuring your freight arrives safely and efficiently and your logistics are handled in a secure fashion. We also provide insurance for your personnel, your project or your operation. Speak to us and we can help define your requirements.

Air, Transport & Accommodation

Through our air, sea, rail and road networks, we provide expert travel assistance and booking services for your people. We can manage your ground transportation, required vehicles and accommodation. We have access to exceptional preferential rates making us some of the most competitive globally. Our integrated platforms automatically link to our risk management portal enabling travellers to be tracked and assisted if needs be anywhere, anytime.

Visas & Immigration

Navigating immigration and visa requirements can be tricky. ComplexGlobal has a dedicated team managing travel permits, visas and immigration for our clients globally alongside our partners so we can expedite travel documentation and ensure you're always covered.

Local Support & Fixers

No matter where you go in the world, nothing beats having some local knowledge and support. With six regional bureaux and contacts in over 150 countries, ComplexGlobal have people everywhere to support you in whatever way you need.

Safety, Security & Risk

Safety, Security & Risk is one of our core focusses. With our global operations centre, our intelligence & security partnerships, our GlobalRiskManager platform and our international reach, we provide industry leading support to assist you in travelling globally.

Research & Local Knowledge

 ComplexGlobal's insight team, our international bureaux, our regional contacts and our international partners work 24x7 to ensure you've always got the most up to date information, news and opinion to help you make the best decisions possible.

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