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Our strength lies in the breadth of our solutions + expertise which enables us to help solve complex issues and projects for our clients globally

We are a project support consultancy specialising in project operations, risk, logistics, travel and people.We help people tour, put on shows and support projects in foreign, international & complex environments. We manage risk, we manage travel, we deliver resources, we provide insight and research, we keep your team safe and we work with amazing people.

We solve problems. Big or small. We specialise in complex and unusual projects in challenging environments for the entertainment and humanitarian sectors as well as business, individuals & governments at large.We find solutions for your projects quickly with insight, expertise and incredible people through our global network of suppliers and experts, extended to over 150 countries.

We have a range of services and offerings geared towards helping you understand the world and allow you to work anywhere. Wherever you want to be, we're with you every step of the way.We work everywhere so we're best placed to help you work anywhere. While our portfolio of services is diverse, it's the interaction between them and the partnerships we have that allows us to assist you in a truly comprehensive way.

Our Process

Scoping, Proposals & Briefing

Understanding is key. We scope, write proposals or prepare/participate in briefings to ensure we start on the right foot.

Advances & Assessment

Production & Touring advances, situational and emergency needs assessments as well as other research and development helps us approach problems better.

Pre-Production & Project Planning

Project works and Pre-Production happen here - scheduling, planning, solution design and understanding the brief to the fullest so we can deploy the most suitable solution for your needs.

Precursor Activities & Actions

Practical actions happen here: everything from procurement to logistics, training & briefings to travel, insurance and hiring personnel.

Project Delivery & Monitoring

Actual Delivery happens here! From running tours and events to delivering aid and assisting people globally, project delivery is coupled with extensive monitoring to ensure we're always on the right path.

Evaluation, Debriefing & Documentation

Evaluation is vital to every project we work on to ensure we're always doing better. We evaluate, debrief and document meticulously.

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Experts, Resources & People

We provide project, technical & operations management services, resources, personnel and even entire programme management teams to assist our clients deliver their projects and productions globally. 
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​Safety, Security & Risk

Success comes when you take the right risks. We help you assess safety and security. We help you understand, mitigate & control your risk in whatever country you want to work in and ensure a safe and secure project. 
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Research, Ideas & Intelligence

ComplexGlobal's network of staff and bureaux are constantly searching & engaging with new ideas and thought as well as keeping up to date on the latest news + affairs 24/7. We can help you with knowing what you need to know. 
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Global Operations, Logistics & Travel

From airfares and hotels to visas and immigration, transportation and security to fixers on the ground and local suppliers, we have you covered. These services, alongside our proprietary global database, means you're fully prepared wherever  you might be working, travelling or touring.
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