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Everything you need to manage your project successfully.

Our core skill set is managing projects so whether you need Project Managers, Production Staff, Technical Directors, Logistics Coordinators, Event Specialists, Operations Managers or anything in between, we can help. ComplexGlobal has access to the best in the business globally. 

We respond rapidly if required, with support available anywhere in the world within thirty six hours guaranteed* to ensure the success of your production. To suit your operational needs, we can also have on-call staff thoroughly trained and practiced at your company’s systems and operations ready to respond.* 

ComplexGlobal adhere to the highest global safety standards no matter the operating location. 

The ComplexGlobal team comes from a wide variety of disciplines including touring productions, corporate projects, ceremonies, rock and roll, government and community projects. We can provide the perfect fit for your production.

Projects, Production & Technical

Project management is all about good communication, foresight, planning and fostering relationships. We're some of the best in the business, providing you with world class support for your project using a modular approach. We can support you in a single facet or provide you with a complete turnkey solution. Whatever you need, we meet it. When it comes to shows, events and productions, our global production team have worked on some the largest events globally so you can be assured of the best possible expertise.


As part of our network, we have access to a wide variety of subject matter experts. From air quality to audiologists, set designers to emergency medical personnel, engineers to air traffic controllers and everything in between. Our experts are here to help assist in whatever way you need. We can provide commentary and insight and operational advice for your projects.


With a global network of preferred suppliers and vendors, ComplexGlobal ensures your requirements are met to the highest standards. We can facilitate transportation, technical elements, structures, power generation, logistics and supply chains and just about anything else. Through our network, you're assured of inherent compliance & risk mitigation, protecting you against working with unknown, untested entities and suppliers particularly in higher risk locations or emerging markets.

Global Coverage

Global coverage is one of our core ideals and attributes; our goal is connections, people and expertise in every country on earth so no matter where you need boots on the ground, ComplexGlobal is able to assist you quickly and reliably. This global team is backed up by a globe-trotting team of specialists and experts ready to travel at short notice. Contactable 24/7, 365 days a year; ComplexGlobal has bureaux and operations in six regional centres to ensure we’re never far away

Operations & Touring

Nobody gets the show on the road faster and more comprehensively than ComplexGlobal. Alongside our ideas and intelligence division, we use a combination of the experts in our projects team, our global bureaux and locals on the ground, to accurately plan, advance and manage your tour or operation no matter where you may be headed. 
ComplexGlobal can also manage transport and relocating projects from start to finish - from scheduling and travel management to safety & security monitoring as well as on the ground implementation and team management.

Safety & Risk

Managing Safety, Security & Risk is core to what we do. Our network of intelligence analysts, security advisors, safety officers and project managers means we can assist you in understanding your safety & risk needs. We can also provide emergency medical personnel, security personnel and operational teams in any location to ensure a fully coordinated solution.

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