Terms & Conditions of Working with ComplexGlobal

This notice is intended to help you understand how our company (including our affiliates) operates when you engage us. Our terms and conditions govern all the work we do and layout a framework for how we best work together. If at any time you have questions about these terms, please let us know.

We may update these notices and any supplemental notices to reflect changes in our practices and applicable law. We may do this at any time and without prior notice.

Our Standard Terms & Conditions

These terms apply to all Consultancy Engagements, Projects, Staffing & Resources contracts as well as any third-party support contracts. The Client accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms. 

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Our E-Service Terms & Conditions

These terms apply to all data products and feeds, APIs, applications, database access and intelligence and reporting services as well as our e-learning and travel portal services and by accessing these products, the client accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms.

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