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We're also closely following & distributing guidelines and advice from the World Health Organisation and tracking the pandemic with the help of John Hopkins University as well as travel restrictions with the World Food Programme.

Global Travel Restrictions Dashboard

The World Food Programme has put together an interactive map with up-to-date information on travel restrictions around the world.

If you have personnel or family travelling or overseas for work or you have plans to travel soon, the dashboard is kept continuously up to date with country by country travel restrictions and what's possible.
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Economic disruption in the Arab Gulf states

Left unaddressed, the Arab states that make up the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) are looking at a dangerous economic situation as COVID-19 decimates the demand for oil sending the oil price into un-chartered territory.

2nd May 2020

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COVID-19 and a U.S. economic restart

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the White House seems hellbent on reopening the economy.

At the time of writing, the United States has just over 1 million confirmed cases 61,000 fatalities and has administered just over 6 million tests.

30th April 2020

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Managing your business through the next phase

The reality for everyone is, we’re not going ‘back to normal’. The Coronavirus pandemic is certainly an event that has changed us all globally — people and society, governments, educational institutions, media, corporations, operations, supply chains, consumers and suppliers — everyone is facing a brave new world. 

In line with that, we’ve explored a few ways of how you can best assess your next steps and what you should be looking towards.

29th April 2020

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COVID19 response: Lessons from Sweden, Singapore & South Korea

Nation states around the world are not only contending with their immediate response to COVID-19 but also how they’re likely to emerge from the pandemic. To look forward at what reopening might look like, we can start to look at the countries where restrictions are minor to begin with.

25th April 2020

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Peace & Security in a time of Coronavirus

With so many COVID-19 effects in mind, it's clear that globally, we're entering a period of potential destabilisation. If governments take the correct collective actions, crisis may be averted by cooperation but if not  -  globally, we could descend into massive crisis and into a new era of destabilisation of the more fragile states.

24th April 2020

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Global economies after COVID-19

Primarily a health crisis, the global Coronavirus pandemic also has extreme economic implications and consequences - both currently as we make our way through but also longer lasting impacts for many decades to come. We detail what we’re thinking about below.

20th April 2020

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Ramadan during COVID-19

Social distancing may prove challenging for the Muslim world as they grapple with how to celebrate ramadan and undertake the rest of their religious duties during this time.

16th April 2020

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U.S. cuts WHO funding mid pandemic

Given the spread and scale of the outbreak in the United States, it defies all logic that the U.S. Government would withdraw funding from the global body working to fight said pandemic, at the time that they’re coming into their own.

17th April 2020

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What Boris Johnson’s hospitalisation means for government?

While Johnson’s hospitalisation might be unlikely to create problems in the immediate term, should he be hospitalised for a protracted period, this poses many governance questions about how the UK government operates.

7th April 2020

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COVID-19 in Africa

COVID-19 has taken a long time to spread across the African continent. There are a number of theories as to why Africa has seen less cases. We explore a number of thoughts and factors in relation to how COVID-19 is affecting the African continent.

6th April 2020

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COVID-19 Weekly Update: 1st April 2020

Welcome to the second edition of our weekly global COVID-19 update. Because the global situation is changing so frequently, we’ve decided to publish a weekly update of some of the key goings on as well as the current situation globally.

1st April 2020

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Coronavirus & the misinformation pandemic

While we try to battle the Coronavirus pandemic globally, authorities and broadcasters are also battling a very different kind of war — one of misinformation.

1st April 2020

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COVID-19: Economic markets remain unstable

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread further and faster day by day, global markets and economies are continually unsure of where to turn. Initially economists (and virologists) forecasted that damage would be mostly contained to China however given the reach of COVID-19 globally, these forecasts are clearly incorrect.

30th March 2020

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Coronavirus scenarios and the timeline ahead

Coronavirus globally has changed life as we know it. Businesses are closing, large gatherings are prohibited and everybody’s learning how best to work from home. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is: When will this all end?

We’ve explored several timeline scenarios that are possible in the road ahead.

29th March 2020

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COVID-19 Weekly Update: 25th March 2020

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly global COVID-19 update. Because the global situation is changing so frequently, we’ve decided to publish a weekly update of some of the key goings on as well as the current situation globally.

25th March 2020

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Implementing your Coronavirus Crisis Management Plan

Responding to the coronavirus is no different to responding to fire, flood, terrorist attack or crippling data loss. Companies that have plans to manage in times of crisis and have clear paths for navigating the unforeseeable allow them to respond faster and better and secure the best outcome for both the short and long term.

So all that being said, how do you best respond to a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic right now:

22nd March 2020

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COVID-19: Dampening Middle Eastern Unrest

Across the Middle East, protests and messages that once filled streets have gone quiet due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

While this is primarily out of a health concern for themselves, it’s likely that the coronavirus outbreak may in fact fuel their protest causes due to the political, economic and social damage that coronavirus is causing globally.

21st March 2020

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In favour of a global response to COVID-19

Risk analysts and geopolitical followers have long been eyeing a global pandemic or infectious disease outbreak as a serious and highly probable threat. Enter 2020 and we see COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the speed and reach of the COVID-19 Coronavirus spread has surpassed anyone’s expectations, plunging economies, politics and societies into shock as everyone tries to deal with response. The world needs a global response.

20th March 2020

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Events in a time of COVID-19

Ever since the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the severity of the coronavirus outbreak has been known. 

We’re seeing global disruption particularly when it comes to mass gatherings, events, festivals and sporting fixtures. Effectively, a multi-billion dollar global industry shut down and destroyed overnight.

18th March 2020

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The economic effects of COVID-19

As medical experts cast an increasingly anxious gaze over the spread of COVID-19, economists may be equally nervous concerning 2020’s seemingly inevitable economic ills.

So far, March has been a gloomy month for the global economy. A combined fear of the COVID-19 virus and a significant fall in crude oil prices following the collapse of the OPEC+ production cuts agreement has caused major declines in stock markets.

17th March 2020

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Managing Crisis during an outbreak like COVID-19

For business, when a disease outbreak like COVID-19 occurs, it affects not only business operations but the health of their staff and the community at large.

We’ve put together a list of 5 things to think about when dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to help you successfully navigate the period ahead.

10th March 2020

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Self Isolation in the time of COVID-19

Many people globally are being asked to isolate themselves to prevent the spread of coronavirus or are choosing to if they’re showing symptoms

What do you need to know about self isolation and how should you prepare?

10th March 2020

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COVID-19, economics & geopolitics

Political and Economic challenges are likely to continue throughout 2020 as the world not only struggles to combat the pandemic but find it’s feet after extensive stock market loses and attempt to define multilateral political relationships in the wake of the pandemic.

9th March 2020

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COVID19 & it’s challenges for business 

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, there are clear implications for business world-wide as well as locally in China

13th February 2020

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Protecting yourself from Coronavirus

Helping our clients and colleagues around the world look after themselves during the COVID-19 outbreak, here’s how to protect yourself.

1st March 2020

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Coronavirus COVID-19: The Basics

We’ve put together a basic understanding of the COVID-19 Coronavirus with the help of the World Health Organisation.

1st March 2020

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