• Resolving Incidents & Crisis Response

Success comes when you take the right risks, we're with you every step of the way.

In an increasingly complex world, it's important to be prepared for the unexpected. Having an effective and well-tested plan for resolving incidents and responding to crisis is key to ensuring the safety of your people and the longevity of your operations. 

Core to our organisation is how we assist you in a crisis. Whether you're facing complex incidents in unknown environments or urgent threats to life in some of world's most hostile locations, we help you operate, navigate and resolve these challenges.

We believe the best way to deal with crisis is to avoid it. That's why all of our response and crisis management plans start with effective preparation, understanding and readiness. This might include anything from analysis and planning to training and education as well as travel briefings and risk mitigations. 

Our global team includes crisis management consultants, security advisors, first responders, analysts and researchers, project managers and security personnel. Whatever the requirement, we have the complete array of expertise to meet your unique needs.

In a crisis, we bring reassurance to help you understand the unique dynamics of the location you're working in and the particulars involved. We bring calm and objective advice to your challenges, setting the tone and bringing order to the chaos - ensuring clarity in decision making before vital steps are taken. 

With a global presence, we have an unrivalled network of experts and resources to bring to your response. 

     Training & e-Learning

In-person training as well as e-learning to help your team understand the risks they may face and the response required. We offer a range of security, medical and hostile environment education to support your team relevant to the risks they face and the environments they work in.

     Front Line Emergency & Crisis Response

When caught in a crisis, it's likely you'll be caught unaware. We provide 24/7/365 end-to-end access to medical, crisis and security expertise to respond immediately, supporting you through live intelligence and as well as physical protection, security and medical support where required.

     Local Fixers & On Ground Support

Local knowledge is key, especially during a crisis. With a global network in over 150 countries, we have the local knowledge and expertise as well as connections where required to assist you in an emergency. Wherever you are, we speak the local language to help you out of harm's way.

     Insurance & Indemnified Solutions

We offer an array of insurance and indemnified solutions to ensure if you're affected by a crisis or incident, you can respond, recover and continue to operate. Our indemnified solutions cover a host of options including medical recovery, political risk as well as evacuation if required.

     Crisis Management, Readiness & Continuity Plans

Crisis management planning and readiness starts with a deep understanding of your operations and your goals. We provide crisis management planning, readiness support and support for crisis management teams to help you manage when the unexpected occurs.

     Medevac & International Medical Assistance

Support when you need us, we provide an indemnified medical response providing not only local knowledge and support but also emergency evacuation, ensuring you always have access to the best advice and medical care. 

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