• Operating in Foreign Environments

Nowhere is too remote or too foreign

Operating globally means dealing with the safety, security and operational risk challenges that come with working in the global landscape. At ComplexGlobal, we're well placed to assist you and your team, keeping your organisation and your most important assets, your people - safe and secure. 

We help you operate in new environments - understanding everything from culture to currency, restaurants to road safety. Local everywhere, nowhere is foreign to us.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you prepare, understand, operate and recover - no matter where you want to operate globally. From Briefings and analysis on local information and affairs to operational planning and local advice, we're here to assist you in your projects and operations 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Risk, Country & Threat Assessment

Using our proprietary RiskEngine platform, Our risk management process allows all threats facing your organisation or project to be analysed and evaluated in line with the specific threats and risks posed and their potential likelihoods. We provide risk & safety assessments as well as journey and travel management plans and local safety and security assessments to ensure your compliance needs and operational viability are always met. Understanding the physical requirements and the operating environment a client is entering is key so you understand clearly the world in which you're operating so you can decide on your next move.

Consultants, Planning & Operations

Core to helping you operate internationally is proper planning and operational support. From our range of intelligence and analysts through to our consultants, network of fixers, suppliers and vendors as well as boots on the ground support - we can assist you in over 150 countries. Whether it's help understanding the local culture or operating environment, maybe it's assistance navigating governmental affairs or a local project team or maybe it's simply on ground security and safety operations, ComplexGlobal's team can deploy anywhere globally or support you remotely to assist you as required

International Advisory

Through the use of our transnational bureaux and our InCountry database, we deliver unrivaled advisory and insight services to assist you when working overseas. We ensure you're always safe and secure. This is backed up via our Global Operations Centre who keep abreast of constant international happenings affecting our clients.

Tracking, Monitoring & Intervention

Through the use of RiskEngine:Global, we ensure constant contact with your teams abroad. We can monitor their locations and projects plus provide continuous assessment of the regions and countries in which they operate, enabling early alerts and notifications of any potential need for intervention, assistance or evacuation.

Training & Briefings

When your team is facing issues or a crisis, the best defence is a good offence. ComplexGlobal believe in thorough training and briefings prior to all projects. We offer tailored solutions and hands-on training via our industry partners. Online solutions are also available for those short of time or in more remote locations.

Emergency Management & Crisis Response

Our global crisis management team is available 24x7 should the need arise to deal with a crisis and keep your people safe. With emergency access provisions, business continuity plans, medical services, potential extraction requirements or evacuation assistance we are available globally as required - with ComplexGlobal, you're in safe hands.

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