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Our strength lies in the breadth of our solutions + expertise which enables us to help solve complex issues and projects for our clients globally

ComplexGlobal specializes in helping people work outside their comfort zone. Specialists in high risk; we help people operate anywhere globally. Through intelligence and insight, we help people understand places and situations to operate safely and effectively. Through our experts and vast network, we run projects anywhere remaining secure and informed. When crisis and threats occur, we keep people safe and help organisations recover. 

We provide our clients with the insight, tools and expertise to make their projects a success or keep their operations running, no matter what the challenge. Through a truly multidisciplinary approach, we have the ability to plan, direct and run operations coupled with industry leading insight, globally leading personnel and resource partners as well as unparalleled global risk management and monitoring.

We go beyond problem-solving and give our clients the insight and expertise they need to realise opportunities and grow alongside the comfort and peace of mind to know their project or mission is in safe hands - no matter how complex, no matter how global. We're with you every step of the way.

We find solutions for your projects quickly with insight, expertise and incredible people through our global network of suppliers and experts, extended to over 150 countries.

We have a range of services and offerings geared towards helping you understand the world and allow you to work anywhere. Wherever you want to be, we're with you every step of the way. We work everywhere so we're best placed to help you work anywhere. While our portfolio of services is diverse, it's the interaction between them and the partnerships we have that allows us to assist you in a truly comprehensive way.

Services in brief

Our Solutions

Managing Successful Projects

We provide project, logistics, technical & operational management services, including experts & personnel, process & procedure, resourcing & procurement as well as audits, reviews and on the ground assistance and advisory services.

From staff engagement to turnkey solutions, we're here to ensure the success of your project from start to finish.

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Operating in Foreign Environments

Success comes when you take the right risks. 
We help you assess safety and security. We help you understand, mitigate & control your risk in whatever country you want to work in and ensure a safe and secure project. 

We help you operate in new environments - understanding everything from culture to currency, restaurants to road safety. Local everywhere, nowhere is foreign to us.
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Fostering Growth & Opportunity

Through our research and intelligence team – we help you work through whatever challenges you’re facing as an organisation through a host of different options. 

With our global team of researchers, analysts, consultants and strategic planners, we provide turn-key solutions to help you maximise possibility and seize every opportunity.
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Resolving Incidents & Crisis Response

Resolving critical issues and crises is a core part of ComplexGlobal’s identity. 

ComplexGlobal supports our clients who fall victim to security issues, kidnap, terrorism and critical incidents or need assistance to better secure their organisation or their project. We do this through providing effective and market leading training, planning and response solutions.

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