• Managing Successful Projects

Everything you need to manage your project successfully.

Our core skill set is managing projects so whether you need Project Managers, Logisticians, Production Staff, Technical Directors, Event Specialists, Operations Managers or anything in between, we can help. ComplexGlobal has access to the best in the business globally. 


We have a global pool of project experts in all major hubs globally and strive to be able to support our clients when they need us most, urgently and on-call. ComplexGlobal is able to assist you quickly and reliably. This global team is backed up by a globe-trotting team of specialists and experts ready to travel at short notice. Contactable 24/7, 365 days a year; ComplexGlobal has bureaux and operations in six regional centres to ensure we’re never far away

ComplexGlobal adhere to the highest global safety standards no matter the operating location. Managing safety, security & risk is what we do. Our network of intelligence analysts, security advisors, safety officers and project managers means we can assist you in understanding your safety & risk needs. We can also provide emergency medical personnel, security personnel and operational teams in any location to ensure a fully coordinated solution.


ComplexGlobal also has a suite of international services designed to compliment our other offerings. The international services can alternatively be used as a standalone to assist you in working anywhere globally. Nowhere is too remote or too foreign. We can deal with air, sea, rail and road travel, international freight, carnet and duty services, insurance, visas, travel permits and immigration requirements. 


Our international services team are constantly up to date with an ever-shifting bureaucratic landscape and make sure you meet the requirements to go where you need to go. Our support extends to both online information and intelligence support as well as in-country personnel. Our extensive network of fixers and local partners mean you're at home everywhere.

Experts & Personnel

Whether project managing a single facet or a turnkey solution, world class support is key to any project and we have access to some of the best in the business. 

  • Project Management
  • Operations Management & Planning
  • Logistics Management & Coordination
  • Project HSE Services
  • Travel Planning & Coordination
  • Procurement & Resources
  • Technical Experts, Engineers & Management

Project management is all about good communication, foresight, planning and fostering relationships. We're some of the best in the business, providing you with world class support for your project using a modular approach. 

We can support you in a single facet or provide you with a complete turnkey solution. Whatever you need, we meet it. 

Services, Resources & Procurement

With a global network of preferred suppliers and vendors, we can ensure your requirements are met to the highest standards.

  • Transportation
  • Freight & Logistics
  • Travel Arrangements
    (Flights, Immigration, Accommodation & Ground Transport)
  • Structures
  • Power Generation
  • Supply & Cold Chain
  • Risk, Safety & Emergency Resources
  • Technical & Production Requirements

Nobody gets the show on the road faster and more comprehensively than ComplexGlobal. We can facilitate transportation, technical elements, structures, power generation, logistics and supply chains and just about anything else. Through our network, you're assured of inherent compliance & risk mitigation, protecting you against working with unknown, untested entities and suppliers particularly in higher risk locations or emerging markets.

Intelligence & Advisory

The right advise and information is key to a successful project. We provide a wholistic lens to your project ensuring all your requirements are covered.

  • Operations Management Advisory
  • Technical & Production Advisory
  • HSE Advisory
  • Global affairs & cultural advisory
  • Immigration & Travel advisory
  • Scoping, Audits & Reviews

The right advice is key to early success. Through our intelligence and advisory group, we can advise on your operations no matter what you want to do or where you want to go. We advise on all matters pertinent to your project to ensure you're putting the right foot forward in a new environment, ultimately saving you time and money.

We can also prepare advances or project scoping, giving you all the vital information to decide if a project gets the green light or how it might operate should things proceed.

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