• About ComplexGlobal

At ComplexGlobal our mandate is simple.

​Specialists in high risk; we help you operate anywhere globally. Through intelligence and insight, we help you understand new places and situations to operate safely and effectively. Through our experts and vast network, we run projects, operations and logistics anywhere remaining secure and informed. When crisis and threats occur, we keep you safe and help you recover.

We're here to manage projects, intelligence & risk; to solve problems no matter where they may be across the globe. No matter how big or small. We specialise in helping people work outside their comfort zones, assisting on projects that are large in scale, urgent in nature, in a new or difficult environment, have specialist challenges or have a high level of risk ​

​In doing so, we're doing our bit to drive meaningful, lasting global change. 
We want to do great things, work with great people, leave our mark and change the world for the better.

We help people tour, put on shows and run projects in foreign, international & complex environments. We source suppliers, we manage risk, we manage travel, we provide insight and research, we keep your team safe, we work with amazing people.


Providing managed project solutions for a wide range of industries; globally solving problems quickly through insight, expertise and incredible people through our global network of suppliers and experts, stretching to over 150 countries. We work everywhere so we're best placed to help you work anywhere. While our portfolio of services is diverse, it's the interaction between them and the partnerships that matter to assist you in a truly comprehensive way.

We have a range of services and offerings geared towards helping you understand the world and work anywhere. From production & project management to risk analysis and mitigation, insight and research to travel, insurance and personnel as well as crisis and emergency management. Wherever you want to work, we're with you every step of the way.

Our Hopes for the Future

A Global Leader

A Global Leader - in project, risk, intelligence & production management

Do Amazing Things

We want to work on truly amazing events, projects with world class people, teams and companies.

Global Change For Good

Driving Meaningful Change - and participating in making the world a better place.

Best Practice

We want to be a beacon of best practice, be intelligent, be well put together, cultured & worldly

A World Class Employer

We want to be an employer of distinction; a world class workplace.

Our Values

Be Human

People are our most valuable asset. We are committed to ensuring people develop and grow in all facets of their lives whilst working on challenging and meaningful projects in a supportive environment. 

Be Curious

We're constantly exploring the world and are curious about people, cultures and countries. We want to know how and why things work and how everyone lives.

Be World Class

We're the 1%. Constantly striving to be at the top of our game, we're consistently brand led and protective of it. We're trusted and reliable, being the only port of call for expert help.

Be Better Than Yesterday

In the pursuit of excellence, it's ultimately important that day by day, we do better and better, in the effort to constantly improve.

Be Purposeful & Ethical

The desire to affect positive change with everyone we meet and wherever we operate, creating a better world for everyone. Core to this are our ethics, morals and doing the right thing - Always. 

Be Fast Paced

Operating with a sense of urgency and discipline. In the environments we work, rapid decision making is core to our success.

Our Locations

Nowhere is too foreign or too remote for us. Explore our Global Bureaux across four regions.

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Our Leadership Team

An expert & global team, ready when you need us. People are everything to us. Meet your global partners.

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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate & social responsibility is integral to the work we do and how we perform as people.

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Partnerships & Alliances

ComplexGlobal forms partnerships in order to create better solutions for our clients.


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