• Diversity, Equity & Transparency

    The best ideas come from diverse teams so we view diversity and inclusion as vital to our success & yours

The best ideas come from diverse teams so we view diversity and inclusion as vital to our success & yours. 

ComplexGlobal is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a safe working environment that embraces and values safety, diversity and inclusion.

As a business we recognise and value the differences that come from our backgrounds, beliefs, gender, age, and sexuality. We understand that the best ideas come from a diverse pool of knowledge, and by opening our minds to that we create openness to change, innovation and respect within our people.

Diversity means different things to different people so at ComplexGlobal we aim to proudly show the benefits of diversity and unite our global team in the understanding that they all have a voice and they're all valued. Status-Quo is discouraged, we want you to strive for continual improvement. 

We encourage everyone to reach and exceed their potential regardless of any differences. All the matters here is talent, behaviour, ethics and a commitment to doing the best work for ComplexGlobal and our clients.

We celebrate diversity - it keeps things interesting, challenging and innovate. Diversity allows us to see the world from a range of perspectives ultimately making life better for all of us.

Diversity and inclusion regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, disability or anything else is a major priority for ComplexGlobal. We monitor diversity globally ensuring we're hiring appropriately. We should be a reflection of the world in which we operate and the environments we work in. That means there's a place for everyone here.

 We proudly support equity, fairness, transparency and equal pay including livable compensation.

Flexible working is evident at all levels at ComplexGlobal, including the executive team, supporting employees in balancing work and life.

We support people in being their best selves. We offer support and incentives for learning, heath, wellbeing, balance and development and we do everything in our power to secure the longevity of our employees, supporting them to be their best selves. We strongly support internal development because we believe when individuals and teams are at their best, our business and our clients are at their best too.

Culture & Values

Our culture is vital to what makes us unique alongside our values that are at the heart of everything we do

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ComplexGlobal thrives on  inspiring our people to realise their full potential, grow as individuals & enable our success

What We Offer

Aside from our unique culture and environment, we offer a host of benefits & perks to working at ComplexGlobal


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