• Developing Your Career

    ComplexGlobal thrives on inspiring our people to realise their full potential, grow as individuals & enable our success

ComplexGlobal thrives on inspiring our people to realise their full potential, grow as individuals & enable our success. Through integrated learning and development, and global career paths that inspire, challenge and excite and keep our people engaged.

So what can you expect from working at ComplexGlobal?

  • career framework that transparently shows where your role sits in the organisation, your remuneration and clear demonstration of the requirements, expectations and advancement possibilities so you can plan your personal career development within ComplexGlobal. We also thrive on a completely open door policy to presenting new ideas, possibilities and creating new directions in the pursuit of retaining top talent. 
  • Access to a wide range of learning & development from technical skills & certification to international accreditation, tertiary study and online education
  • An environment that is diverse, globalised and open to employees working flexibly, balancing work and career priorities with personal responsibilities.
  • talent development programme that engages and empowers a diverse group of talented employees to develop leadership skills in preparation for a progressive career within the company.

  • Global advertising of internal career opportunities as well as access to secondment and external partnership opportunities.
  • Responsibility and autonomy early on in your time with us.

Your Path

There’s one ComplexGlobal—but many paths in your career. Below we've outline the typical career path, but there are many ways to change the course of your journey throughout your career, including taking advantage of international opportunities or exploring specialist and expert roles.


When you start out as an associate, you’ll work on a  team with talented, supportive people who will help you learn and challenge you to grow. You’ll be responsible for specific components of a project as well as day to day project and corporate support, such as project planning and coordination, risk analysis or scoping and development. 


As a consultant, you’ll begin to develop specialized knowledge and manage significantly larger and more complex components of our projects. You’ll work closely with clients to understand their issues, create strategies to succeed, custom solutions as well as expert management of project and collaborate with fellow Project Managers to transform project potential into performance.

Project Leads

Our project leaders have developed the experience and leadership skills to direct diverse teams of consulting talent. Your role: Help those teams flourish by guiding their efforts, directing their talents, and expanding their knowledge and skills to deliver strategic, practical and sustainable solutions for our clients.


As a CXG principal, you will focus on building client relationships that are strong and lasting. You will have a growing role in thought leadership, team mentoring, and business development. Clients will seek your advice on issues that extend beyond the immediate scope of their project work. Thus, you often help them define the strategic direction of their organisations.


ComplexGlobal's partner group defines the culture and strategic direction of CXG and makes all management decisions for the firm. Partners are our intellectual leaders, bringing deep experience to our clients and inspiring innovation throughout our company. As a partner, you will drive ComplexGlobal's growth and help build the teams to meet tomorrow’s client issues and challenges.

Our Diversity

The best ideas come from diverse teams so we view diversity and inclusion as vital to our success & yours 

Culture & Values

Our culture is vital to what makes us unique alongside our values that are at the heart of everything we do

What We Offer

Aside from our unique culture and environment, we offer a host of benefits & perks to working at ComplexGlobal


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